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Dear colleagues,
STAR – International Police Exchange has been formed in 1985 between German and US police officers. Our mission is the personal education of our members as well as the creation of friendships between US and German police officers.

Through personal engagement and with assistance of their respective police departments our members have created a very special network over the last 20 years. The main focus of our activities is the personal interaction and understanding of each other. Therefore, every year our members organize several exchange programs.

The hosting police officer organizes extensive visitor programs and also arranges the lodging for the visiting officer. We do not just organize vacation trips but instead offer the opportunity to participate in the daily routine of each others police duties. These opportunities include participation in the daily routines of police duty as well as taking part in recreational activities outside of work. For 2 weeks the visiting officer will be part of his hosting family.

This exchange program offers not only the opportunity to learn about each others police duties but also results in friendships between all members. That’s why it comes as no surprise that many members have already participated in several exchange programs which is a direct reflection of the success of our idea.

The prerequisite to participate in this programis an interest for travel and the willingness to host visiting police officers as well as organizing a program for the guests.

The Board of Directors and President of STAR is therefore responsible for coordinating moderating the activities between club members. Our organization thrives on the willingness of our members to participate personally.

It is our goal to deepen the existing friendships and offer other officers on both sides the opportunity to join in these exchange programs. It is therefore important to share this idea across borders. It would be nice to welcome more States and Police Departments in our organization in the future.

Therefore, please join us
“Hands across the Sea”!

About STAR

Star is a non-profit organization funded by its members and donations from businesses. All law enforcement related personnel are eligible to participate in STAR. One of the many benefits of STAR is the unique opportunity it provides law enforcement personnel. In so doing, officers have a chance to re-examine problems and programs within their own agencies in a different light. This type of communication stimulates creative thinking.

STAR originated during the summer of 1985, when a number of police families from San Diego to Los Angeles, Torrance to San Bernardino made arrangements to host a number of (West) German police officers. The German officers arrived at the end of September to spend a very informative, educational and enjoyable two weeks with their hosts. Since the first trip, there have been two exchanges annually, in May, the Americans visit Germany and in late September, the Germans visit California.

STAR got round in the course of the time and there were further chapters in the USA and Germany. The STAR program was formed to promote a better understanding between police officers from different lands and to facilitate the exchange of professional information, provide direct observation of current police techniques and equipment utilized by various polices agencies as well as establishing direct personal relations with colleagues in law enforcement.

The program mechanics entail a group planned visitation of a specified number of officers from one country to a similar number of host officers in another country. As the program is designed to provide professional educational enhancement, there are some group activities, but the heart of the program is that the visiting officers are individually placed with host officers in their homes, ensuring room and meals, directly interfacing culturally and professionally by acquainting the visitor with the host‘s police organization and daily duties. Each host is primarily responsible for his or her guest‘s lodging and food. Hosts also help make transportation arrangements when necessary.

Travel to and from the host country is arranged as a group and STAR plans events of law enforcement interest and a formal dinner. Adequate time is allotted for sightseeing and other activities which are arranged personnally between the host and the visitor.

In simple terms, STAR offers an opportunity to live with, exchange ideas with and learn from a foreign law activities which are arranged personnally between the host and the visitor, enforcement officer for two weeks whether, in USA or Germany. The importance of STAR is not what a participant learns from the program, but the opportunity to see law enforcement work from other perspectives, to gain new ideas, to re-examine ways of looking at old problems and to gain a new sense of affinity with our fellow officers all over the world. Participation in the STAR program is open to all peace officers, active or retired, full-time reserves or auxiliary, and to full-time civilian paraprofessionals as well as educators, active or retired, whose educational field of endeavour relate directly to law enforcement. STAR is looking for law enforcement related personnel who are interested in becoming active members and taking advantage of a rewarding educational experience.

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